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    Black Powder
    reloading and shooting supplies.

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    Steve Garbe developed the SPG Bullet
    Lubricant formula in 1983.

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    SPG is the Lube
    used by champions.

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    Black Powder Products
    for shooters by shooters.

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    SPG has stood for accurate blackpowder shooting and that continues to this day.

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    Our Aim is Accurate Black Powder Shooting.

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"Our Aim is accurate black powder shooting."

Black Powder reloading and shooting supplies.
Home of The Black Powder Cartridge News magazine and archives.

At Black Powder SPG our goal is to provide the best in black powder shooting supplies and information. From our SPG Bullet Lubricant to The Black Powder Cartridge magazine, our products our designed to give the black powder cartridge shooter the edge he needs to be successful on the competition ranges and in the field.

As you browse through our website rest assured that our products are made by shooters for shooters.

Black Powder Cartridge Magazine

      Spring 2014, Issue #85

In this Issue:

Paul Jones Mould Maker
The .22 BPCR Association
The .360 Express
Borchardt Rifle Corporation
Deer Hunting on the Musselshell as a Side Show
Hallucinations of a Drygulcher
Match Results
Industry News
Product Reviews
Center Shot
Current Issue

Dear Editor,
I wish to tell you how much I appreciate the esthetics of the magazine you edit, as well as the product advertisements and packaging by SPG. They are designed with the heart of an artist. The paper used in your magazine is thick and smooth to touch. I see it takes both color and black and white images exceptionally well. Something about the paper or ink lends a decided antique cast to the illustrations that is so appropriate. The print is clear and easy to read, although my old 76-year-old eyes have trouble with italics. The entire magazine is lovely to hold and read.

With appreciation, W.R. Jordan - Texas